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  1. kharrison

    New 2018 Les Paul Classic

    I just purchased a 2018 Goldtop Classic. What is the consensus on these guitars. So far I am very impressed
  2. kharrison

    Any ES 225 Love here.......

    Just picked up a 58 and will post some pics here in a sec. What are the thoughts on these?
  3. kharrison

    Gibson Gospel...anyone own one of these

    I just picked up a nice 73 Gospel. I paid nothing for it being an estate sale find. It's a really pretty guitar that plays and sound real nice. Has the most flamed neck I have ever seen. Anyone have one of these? Pics up soon.
  4. kharrison

    1965 Melody Maker...any love out there for these???

    I just picked up this 65 Melody Maker for a song. All original (took the boat anchor Vibrola off) and it honks like a Les Paul Jr. Has the 11/16 nut and nickel parts. I know its an odd shape but these things can sound like Jr's for a fraction of the cost. Anyone else like these???
  5. kharrison

    1975 SG Standard Price Check

    Price check, 1975 Gibson SG Standard. The guitar is all there with all original parts and no breaks or cracks. It is very clean, now the bad news, a Kahler was added. He still has the original bridge, posts and stop tail. Clean case and original tar back pickups. I can pick it up for $800. Is...
  6. kharrison

    NVGD 1965 Epiphone Coronet

    This is an early '65 with nickel parts and wide nut width....and it rocks :yah
  7. kharrison

    What happened to Joe's new SG thread?

    Sorry....it's in the Other Gibson pub!!!! My bad
  8. kharrison

    Some SG's for you blokes!!!

    I've been away for awhile but I have been collecting SG's and Melody Makers. No particular reason, just that I like SG's. So here are some Melody Makers, Jr's, Specials, and Standards....
  9. kharrison

    Inverness Green Melody Maker

    Hello folks, its been awhile....I've been collecting SG's and Melody Makers and just got this odd ball. The seller says it is Inverness Green, I bought it doubting this and that it was just a faded Pelham Blue, but once it arrived all cavities, under tremola etc is green. So maybe??? But now I...
  10. kharrison

    SG Special

    I am picking up yet another late 60's Special. I love these guitars. I have not opened her up yet but it's a 67 or 68. It currently has reflector knobs but I thought the large guard SG's has witchhats. Could this be a late 66? I will check the pot codes when I get it.
  11. kharrison

    1969 SG Junior

    I just got a 69 SG junior in mint unplayed condition. It has the dark walnut color and am curious when did they change from the cherry to the walnut color. Where they offered at the same time or was there a transition period.
  12. kharrison

    Which guitar is closest to a burst....

    I have a 56 Junior, 63 SG/LP Junior, and now a 73 Les Paul Custom. All three sound great through my newly acquired 64 white knob 6G2. I have several other brown and blonde Fender amps that are pretty consistent. Which guitar would you think would get close to burst tone? I have played several...
  13. kharrison

    70's LPC case question

    My recent acquisition a 73 Custom came with I would assume its original case. It's a beat rectangular with yellow lining. The good news is the handle is still intact. The bad news is all the latches are broken. Any advice on repairing or replacing the latches?
  14. kharrison

    1973 LPC Score

    I just picked up on the local CL a '73 LPC. It is all stock, in good condition, has all original parts/pickups etc but has a well repaired headstock break. :yah I paid 1K for it and I feel like I got a very good deal. What would a guitar like this be worth? I checked ebay and the prices are all...
  15. kharrison

    JB in Jax

    I saw our friend Joe last night at the Florida Theatre and was very impressed. Accoustic set is absolutely amazing, great way to start the set. During intermission I was able to walk up front and see his tweed back line. Mike came out with I think the Skinner Burst and played a few chords and...