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Recent content by Michael Patrick

  1. Michael Patrick

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    '72 50-watt Marshall. Doh!
  2. Michael Patrick

    What does the "T" stand for?

    In current Gibson Model names, a lot of them have a "T" after the name, like "Gibson Les Paul Standard T." What the heck does the "T" stand for anyway?
  3. Michael Patrick

    I need this...

    Coolest. Desk. Ever.
  4. Michael Patrick

    Drop-in replacement bridge for an Epi Korina V?

    Does anyone make a bridge that would fit on a made-in-China Epi Korina V without any modifications? I've replaced the pickups and pots, I think the bridge is the next thing that needs an upgrade.
  5. Michael Patrick

    My latest score

    Ain't she pretty? I've paid for it, but it hasn't arrived yet. I can't wait...
  6. Michael Patrick

    Hiwatt Bulldog DC-40 combo any good?

    I've got a line on a Hiwatt DC 40 1x12 combo. It looks to be in great shape. From what I can tell it gives up 40 watts from 4 EL84s. It's got two channels (selectable with a foot switch) and an effects loop (also footswitchable). Anyone tried one of these things? What do you think of it? Is...
  7. Michael Patrick

    How to scallop a fretboard

    Or not... :bonk :bug Hat tip to LLR at Plexi Palace for pointing this one out...
  8. Michael Patrick

    Gratuitous Friday guitar pictures

    Can you stand another family photo album??? Me an the harem Just the girls The Gibson wing The Fullerton contingent And one of those cheap mailorder brides...
  9. Michael Patrick

    Gator SG Cases - Anyone tried 'em?

    I'm looking for a case for my '73 SG. I've got the original rectangular case that came with the guitar, but it's a piece of crap that does nothing to protect the guitar. And that was before the clasps stopped working... I've seen some Gator cases for around $75. I figure they can't be any worse...
  10. Michael Patrick

    Trademark 10 vs. 60?

    I know a lot of people rave about the Tech 21 Trademark 10, but I was thinking of getting a Trademark 60. I don't need the extra wattage, but I'd like to have the option to change channels with the footswitch. Has anyone tried the Trademark 60? How does it compare to the Trademark 10 in terms...
  11. Michael Patrick

    My new ride

    Check her out: 1997 LP Special, loaded with Lollar P-90s. I used it at my gig on NYE, and it totally rocks!
  12. Michael Patrick

    Case for my SG?

    I've got a '73 SG with the original rectangular hardshell case. The case is a POS (very poor design + years taking it's toll on latches, etc.), and I fear for my guitar every time I take it out of the house.... I've found the following cases online: *Epiphone SG case, approx $49 *MF SG Case...
  13. Michael Patrick

    2001 LP Special - what pickups?

    I'm looking at a 2001 Les Paul Special. What kind of pickups did these guitars come with, P-90s or P-100s? I can't tell from the pictures... Thanks.
  14. Michael Patrick

    Time Machine Boost clip

    Warts and all, here's tonight's clip... All Your Love The lead track is a Les Paul Studio into Time Machine Boost set to the "'67" mode and then into a JTM-45 clone. I think there is a touch too much gain, if I'd had 15 more minutes to record I'd have redone it and lowered the gain. Not to...
  15. Michael Patrick

    A couple of clips with my '78 LP Deluxe

    Hey all, I recently had some SD Antiquities II mini-hums installed in my '78 LP Deluxe. I also had some CTS 500k pots and Hovlan caps installed at the same time. Here's couple of short clips with the new ride: Blues Noodles While My Guitar Gently Weeps Enjoy!