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    '65 ES-335s......How Many Stop-Tailpiece Models Shipped?

    agree that the neck shape varies A TON with these 64's, (owned 3, played about 5 or so) but part of the attraction is that these guitars are also often less expensive than years before just because of the sticker- so the value is there along with the Clapton lore
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    A nice '60 at Emerald City

    super cool- thanks for sharing! great seeing so much more documentation of vintage guitars now!
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    '65 ES-335s......How Many Stop-Tailpiece Models Shipped?

    I currently own a 64, and used to own an original stoptail 65- the neck was amazing (closer to a real les paul 59) thick at the nut. It was a great guitar......but everyone wants a 64 (including me). They should hopefully be priced a bit less, if you can find the right dealer- Norms tried to...
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    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    To me the only difference in choosing a re-issue guitar based on the year is: does the neck profile feel right to you? Does the guitar feel good in your hands? I own a original 64 (bought years back, and yes, feel lucky) and own plenty of re-issue les pauls over the years- dont buy a re-issue...
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    356 Koa

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    356 Koa

    Just got a used 356 with a Koa top today....wasnt really in the market for one, but my god! The sound is amazing and so articulate...i own lots of 335's modern and vintage as well as custom shop LP's and this thing just sings.....
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    2016 True Historic 1959 Faded Cherry

    I own 3 True Historics and need to let something go to make room for something special. Guitar was purchased from Mark's Guitar loft for its weight and tonal balance. Great Guitar. Text me if interested 310 502 7966 selling on Reverb- link below...
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    NGD- 64 and 65 Es 335

    Been hunting for about six months to finally become a member of the vintage club. I bought the 64 Sunburst on reverb last week, with the plan on returning as the neck was a bit small for my taste. Then I ended up getting this early 65 (with 64 specs) from Norm's rare guitars. The neck on the...
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    Rick Nielsen Les Paul Model

    I have one and love it- there are photos around here somewhere from Steve Rose back when it was sitting next to the actual Principal Skinner. I think the aging is amazing and it feels great! Especially like the faded neck and back. Looked pretty darn good sitting next to the real '59 I am very...
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    Show off your Juniors!

    NGD Just arrived today from MGL- its a '59 Thought it was a great deal with a headstock repair. Sounds amazing to me. My first vintage purchase but I've played several at Norm's guitars and at the Hollywood guitar center- I was surprised by the large variance of neck shapes from 59 on the...
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    Gibson CC Nicky in very good hands... - Kirk Fletcher

    thanks for sharing- Great Video, and great playing- I meet Kirk last month at a Gibson promotional thing in LA with Joe B. Kirk seemed so chill and so approachable. He told me he owned a Nicky and he LOVED IT. He actually helped me pull the trigger on a Rick Neilsen true historic that was in...
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    All of our Nickys in one thread

    Just acquired this guy from another member- A bit more glossy than i was expecting, but I can see how everyone loves this run! She sounds great. It was purchased through HOG last year