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  1. sickboy79

    I think I've found the ultimate practice/bedroom/low watt amp! Satellite Gammatron!

    Hey everyone. I'm SO STOKED about this one. I'm a HUGE fan of Satellite Amps. A great boutique amp company that just makes amazing stuff. I've got three of their other amps. Adam Grimm, Mr Satellite, just launched a new low watt bedroom/recording amp. The Gammatron. It's a 2.8w amp with one...
  2. sickboy79

    Cool video showcasing the Marshall Silver Jubilee vs the new RI

    I thought this video did a really good job of comparing them and also showing what the Jubilee is capable of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0_2-jCKSNM
  3. sickboy79

    HOLY BUCLKETS - I forgot how good my Marshall Super Bass is!!!!

    I'm sure I did this thread a few years ago but, why not do it again. I put my 73 Super Bass back into the amp rotation again and WOW!!!!! Over the last 10 years or so, I've gravitated toward some of the boutique amps - Matchless, Bad Cat, Divided By 13, Satellite, etc. But, my bread and butter...
  4. sickboy79

    Feels good to come back to vintage Marshall tone - 71 50w!

    I've done this post a few times before for different vintage amps. I'm way into amps and have a few of each - vintage a boutique. I'm really into the boutique thing. There's A LOT of stellar builders out there today making AMAZING amps that hang with the best of vintage. And, a lot are a new...
  5. sickboy79

    Rocked the 71 Marshall 50 watt tonight

    Haven't had her out in a while. I had her recapped and changed the power tubes recently. WOW - she ROCKED! Jamming a LP Jr into her - Bright channel volume on 7. EQ to my taste. Boosted for leads with an awesome OD pedal (one of those from TPG!!). WOW. My bread and butter amps are Fender...
  6. sickboy79

    Felt good to play my Jr tonight!

    The 58 Jr came out tonight. I hadn't had her in the rotation in a while. WOW - I missed her sound! I got one of the best tones I've had in a long time. All hail the old Jrs!!!!! Who's with me??
  7. sickboy79

    Top Hat Emplexador - what a great Marshall style amp!

    I've posted this before but, what a GREAT amp this is. I know the boutique scene doesn't get as much press around here as other amps but, if you're into Marshall tones - this is one to check out! I've had mine (Mk I model) for about 10 years now. She does everything from classic Plexi and...
  8. sickboy79

    Broke out my favorite HB loaded Les Paul tonight

    She's my favorite HB loaded LP of all of them. She's actually a 72 Deluxe that was modded for HBs when I bought her. Came loaded with Pat Sticker T-Tops, which are some of my favorite HBs ever. She just rings like a bell! Super resonant, big sounding, and very punchy. Great for the stuff I like...
  9. sickboy79

    A little Gibson, a little Fender, and ALL Satellite!!

    My tone tonight. 95 Custom Shop LP Custom (which I've tricked out a bit), late 70s/early 80s Fender 4x12 (w/two original Fender labeled Pyle speakers and two Jensen P12Q RIs), and my Satellite Neutron! I've been playing this amp exclusively for the past two months since I got her! She's that...
  10. sickboy79

    Callaham ABR-1 - does it fit right onto the Faber conversion studs?

    I just picked up a Callaham ABR-1 to replace the stock ABR-1 on one of my LPs. If the results are as I hope - I may want to try the Callaham bridge on other LPs. Most of my other LPs have Nashville bridges. I know Callaham offers Nashville conversion studs but, I don't feel comfortable...
  11. sickboy79

    Sickboy's tone night - and a new amp at that!!!

    It's gonna be a fun tone night!!! My tried and true Budda Superdrive 30 Series I head. I've had her for about 10 years now. She's one of the original Budda amps - all hand wired. Pre-PCB. One of my favorite amps. A mix of Vox and Marshall in the Rhythm side, and the best Plexi on steriods tone...
  12. sickboy79

    Came back to the start again tonight - BF Bassman head

    As most of you know, I'm your resident Bassman adict. It's been my favorite amp of all time for quite some time now, and still is. I've got my share of other amps to include vintage Marshalls and plenty of boutique stuff. I broke out my very first Bassman I ever bought - a 66 that I bought...
  13. sickboy79

    Broke out the 72 Deluxe!

    I haven't had her out in about 6 months - just rotating guitars through. WOW am I glad I do everytime. This has always been my number ONE HB loaded LP. She's a 72 Deluxe that was modded for HBs. I bought her that way. She cam loaded with original Pat Sticker T-Tops - which are maybe the best...
  14. sickboy79

    Got out the 72 Deluxe!!! WOW!!!

    Opps wrong forum! Please delete. Reposted in the Sunburst Pub.
  15. sickboy79

    RS Fralins (originals) - still do it for me after 6 years!

    These are hands down the BEST PAF style pickups I've played. I bought them from Roy when they first came out at the Chicago guitar show 6 years ago. I installed them in my 95 Custom Shop LP Custom 6 years ago: She's a COOL black LP with dark blue sparkle "hot rod ghost flames." She looks pure...