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  1. Tommy Tourbus

    Are Custombuckers 2018 potted “better” than unpotted pickups 2019/20?

    No, these pickups are hit or miss and being potted or unpotted hasn't seemed to matter. I prefer unpotted for PAF style pickups in general, but the 2 best CB sets I've had have been potted
  2. Tommy Tourbus

    anyone disappointed that their Les Paul Historic is a pre 2013 ?

    The point of wanting the hide glue and sleeveless truss rod would be that the guitar would hopefully sound better. But if you already have a phenomenally good sounding guitar there would be no point in 'upgrading', unless you just have to have the minor cosmetic changes. I did sell a 2011 R9...
  3. Tommy Tourbus

    Changed the thumbwheels to vintage spec size and brass...Wow

    I noticed that when I did the mapleflame mod I heard a big diff unplugged. However, I didn't like it and switched back to brass posts
  4. Tommy Tourbus

    Gibson firebird I 1964 pick up vs firebird cs Clapton 2020

    Actually, get a 2 pickup Firebird. I had a I and a III at the same time for a bit, both Custom Shop reissues, and ended up selling the I. The I and the bridge pickup of the III solo'd sounded nearly identical, and the Firebird neck pickup is amazing. The neck solo'd or combined with the bridge...
  5. Tommy Tourbus

    Gibson firebird I 1964 pick up vs firebird cs Clapton 2020

    look for a used custom shop firebird 1 and buy an aftermarket pickup like a klein or novak, both make excellent recreations
  6. Tommy Tourbus

    How do I know if it’s chambered?

    Haven't there also been "featherweights" which are super light ones, under 8 lbs, that aren't chambered? I'm recalling Wildwood selling them under the name "featherweights" or something like that. I'm not sure I'd want an LP that light to be honest
  7. Tommy Tourbus

    Custom Shop harness quality??

    I think 2019 and later you're OK not swapping out the pots and caps. 2019 was when they started using the Luxe bumblebees which is what I was using to replace the fake bees with in 2018 and earlier models. I believe in 2019 they also upgraded the pots or just started using the proper values.
  8. Tommy Tourbus

    R7 before and after Fret Doctor

    I've always heard not to leave it on too long also, as it seeps down into the fret slots. I use Guitar Honey and I do frets 1-12, then immediately wipe it off in the order I applied it, then do the same to the upper frets in the same order. I also think once a year is excessive. I only do it...
  9. Tommy Tourbus

    Are Custombuckers 2018 potted “better” than unpotted pickups 2019/20?

    They seem to be inconsistent regardless of year or if potted or unpotted. I've had a couple sets that sounded good, and a couple sets that were so-so.
  10. Tommy Tourbus

    Opinions on the 2019 Gibson SG Standard ´64 Maestro

    How is neck stability on these '64 Historics compared to the '61 Historics? I'm wondering if it's the same neck joint or if it's something a little more stable or thicker
  11. Tommy Tourbus

    "Unplugged Natural Compression"...

    As a seller, if I had gotten that question I would have told him I didn't know what he meant and would have asked him to describe the sound he's talking about. Then based on his answer you could recommend or not recommend your guitar to him, or describe how the guitar sounds and say while you...
  12. Tommy Tourbus

    "Unplugged Natural Compression"...

    LOL, this is reminding me of a guy I dealt with on Reverb when I was selling a Historic Firebird. I went back into my messages just now so I could find this message and cut n paste it here. Here's his message: "hey bro, all BS aside ....is this a GREAT guitar? Is it loud acoustically?" After he...
  13. Tommy Tourbus

    "Unplugged Natural Compression"...

    Seems like a problem buyer. Hopefully you haven't heard back after he got "nasty" and that was the end of it
  14. Tommy Tourbus

    Historic LP Jr Question

    No, that little exposed spot it doesn't extend even halfway down