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  1. Tommy Tourbus

    Way Let Down By Custom Shop Order....

    so it's 2 months past the quoted 12 months and you're "done"? LOL. It's ALWAYS longer than what they tell you. Never expect a custom order like that to take less than 1.5 years in normal times, and especially in these weird covid/post covid times of backlogs, supply chain problems etc etc
  2. Tommy Tourbus

    VOS Body Sizes

    The Historic is based on the measurements of a real 50's LP that they digitally 3D scanned. Could be the shape has drifted and changed over the years, so with the modern versions VS the Historic you're seeing how the dimensions have slightly changed over the years to present
  3. Tommy Tourbus

    Knurl pattern of '58 nut?

    Which is correct for a '58? Fine or course knurl? My '58 reissue V and Explorer have the fine knurl, which surprised me as I thought the coarse knurl was correct for that era. Am I wrong? What years sport the coarse and when did they switch to the fine? Fine: Coarse:
  4. Tommy Tourbus

    Custom Shop Les Paul Custom

    No, I think the price is too high. Two years ago I had a like-new 2018 '57 Historic reissue Custom up for sale on reverb/ebay priced at $4500 and it took forever to sell. I eventually accepted an offer of a lower price. I'd make an offer of 4k to the seller if you want to buy it, and I think...
  5. Tommy Tourbus

    Custom Shop Les Paul Custom

    Yeah unless you prefer rosewood to ebony and nickel/chrome to gold, I'd pass
  6. Tommy Tourbus

    Survey : if the Historics were made in China but half the price - would you buy one ?

    Thing is you just don't know with China, you can't trust them. Gibson could have solid terms in a contract with a factory there that specifies the types of materials and lumbers used be of a specific type and quality etc etc and the factory will cut corners behind Gibson's back to cheat Gibson...
  7. Tommy Tourbus

    58 Murphy Lab @ Sweetwater, top wound at both ends

    are you guys being serious?? is this thread a joke?
  8. Tommy Tourbus

    Steel Thumbwheels still?

    I thought they had switched to brass but just re-strung my 2021 '58 V reissue and checked the wheels, and they are magnetic. I guess it's possible they switched to brass on the nickel plated wheels only? Also, while they do stick to a magnet they are not as strongly magnetic as a set of Callaham...
  9. Tommy Tourbus

    Not a week later and "Theodore" hits the used market.

    I'm fairly certain not a single one of those double the price listings has sold. I could be wrong but I'd be surprised. Could be these people aren't so much flippers but bought one because they wanted it but thought, hey if someone will pay stoopid $$ for it I'd sell it, so why not list it...
  10. Tommy Tourbus

    Looks like there's a new model/body shape in town, the Theodore

    The more I'm seeing it popping up in youtube vids and in forum discussions the more I like it. All the hate it's getting increases it's appeal for me too for some reason LOL
  11. Tommy Tourbus

    Why are there a lot of used 2019 R9 for sale in the market?

    I like my 2018 R9 because for that year only they went with a better binding color, more of a bone white, and a better inlay color (non-"aged"), then in 2019 they reversed that decision and went back to the darker cream binding and darker "aged" inlays of 2017 and earlier.
  12. Tommy Tourbus

    Looks like there's a new model/body shape in town, the Theodore

    I think doing this especially as part of the Historic line is a cool idea, however the appeal would have been that it's created from Ted's drawing, so I'm not understanding why they altered it. I'm talking about the pickguard shape and 3-way switch placement. For some reason they felt a need to...
  13. Tommy Tourbus

    Best Amber Switch Tips?

    except that's not my quote, now is it chief