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a Tonebender is a thing of beauty .....


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Sep 11, 2014
I have one of these around my house someplace. I'll have to dig it up. I also have a late Vox Tone Bender in the cast aluminum housing.
I remember reading about 'The Yardbox' in a guitar magazine back in the 90s--that it was designed to replicate the tones on Zeppelin`s first LP which is one of my personal 'Top 5 Greatest LPs' because of Page`s explosive playing on it. It did have the nice feature of having both the 'Fuzz' & 'Gain' controls, but it didn`t give me the ability to play like Jimmy Page--haha!

Edit: I was introduced to true guitar-centered 'rock music' in mid-1969; mainly Zeppelin`s first LP [4 months before LZ-2 was released], along w/ Cream`s DG & WoF, & Jeff Beck`s 'Truth'. Those 4 LPs & esp. Zeppelin's debut affected me profoundly, even today. I say all that also because I`ve been unfamiliar w/ Page`s history with the ToneBender, including w/ The Yardbirds & also why Led Zeppelin`s first LP will always be in my 'Top Five!'
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