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Any Expert Here Know What Year This Is (Aprox?)


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Feb 16, 2012
A couple years ago I bought this Gibson Les Paul Custom for $1800.

It was in a reputable shop (Empire Guitars) when I was visiting my dad and I tried it and fell in love with it before I even plugged it in. I went back to the shop a couple days later with the cash to buy it but it was gone. When I was leaving I noticed it was behind the counter and I figured it was sold. The guy told me it was going to be put online for more money but honored the $1800 price on it. After I bought it I plugged it in and it sounds really good.

Anyways, I know it's a real Gibson guitar. I would like to know a little more about it because I like it so much.

Here is that I know:

1- I believe it is a 1970s model
2- There is no dot above the i in Gibson
3- Everything has been changed aside from the tuners (which had been changed but the shop put the originals that were in the case back on), strap buttons and truss rod cover. I just found an old poker chip and knobs at the Dallas show so those are now old but they were brand new ones when I got it.
4- It has been refretted without nibs
5- It has a headstock repair
6- The body appears to be three pieces
7- The neck is mahogany. The paint is worn down in several places and you can see the wood. From the paint it looks like one piece and not three because there is no line in the paint on the neck like on the body
8- There is a 2 staped in the headstock. There is also a Made in USA stamp but no serial number. My guess is when the repair was done it got sanded away or painted over.
9- The pickups, pots and caps (I think) have been changed. The pickups are Thro-Bak and the pots have a B on them. The caps are green and look older but may be some repro types.
10- I'm afraid to change any electronics because it plays/sounds so good

At the end of the day I love this guitar. I've played it live a bunch and I know maybe I overpaid but I don't care because I like it and don't plan on selling it. Any information would be appreciated.


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Feb 16, 2012
this shows the neck wood a little better:


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Mar 15, 2015
Pancake body, volute, made in usa stamp, no dot on the i, I'd say it's looks like a factory second Les Paul Custom from '72-'73.
Cool guitar, pretty heavy I assume, great Thin Lizzy vibe!!


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Feb 16, 2012
It doesn't feel that heavy although it probably is. It's a really comfortable guitar to play. I love it in every way - aside from the missing serial number!