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Pickup rings for Jeff Beck R4

El Gringo

Well-known member
Apr 8, 2015
Evidently some of you don't gig... which is fine... I'm not hating... but for those of that do...

...the reason I started this thread is that if I break a high E or B string during a gig, it would be much quicker to change the string with the altered/modded bridge pup ring.

The pic doesn't offer the best angle... but believe me when I say there's not enough room on the factory pup ring to get a string change done without loosening most/all the strings, removing the tailpiece, and putting it all back together. Do that in the middle of a song/set? Uhh... no.

Yeah... I "could" get busy with a Dremel or razor... but I'd rather just change the pup ring.
What I do in this instance is hand it off to my tech and grab another one off the rack . Then let my tech deal with it .

thin sissy

Well-known member
Jan 2, 2006
That all makes sense, and I didn’t know that the bridge p’up wasn’t in the “normal” spot. Thank you to both of you for replying! I like the color and the idea of the oxblood, I just have a hard time with the wraptail, but that’s just me, different strokes! Admittedly, I’ve never played an oxblood Beck guitar, or even a straight wraptail, for that matter, so I can only base my opinion on looks.

I just wasn’t sure if there was more to the appeal than what I knew. The placement of the bridge p’up definitely would make a difference in the sound. I LOVE Becks playing during that era!! Idk, maybe I’ll be a wraptail convert!😂😂. Thanks again!
The first time I played a wraptail was when I bought a 57 Jr (before they became so expensive). It's been a love fest ever since with wraptails! So def try one if you can! (or don't, it might ruin you too...)


Well-known member
Jan 19, 2009
For those that haven't played the wrap tails (R4, Jeff Beck, etc); there seems to be a little something "extra".

For comparison I own an R4, the Jeff Beck, an R8, and a CU7.

To my ears, there is a difference.
The 'EXTRA' probably has to do with not having a shit ton of extra parts rattling around taking energy out of the equation.

I absolutely love wraptails.

There is a soul there that just don't make it past them new-fangled adjustable bridges...