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  1. Crusher

    Fogarty playing a sweet burst.....

    During Halftime of the Lions-Dolphins game right now...>Check it out!
  2. Crusher

    Anyone in NYC ?

    I'm leaving from NYC Pier for a cruise on Sunday. The directions I have are pretty straight forward to get there from RI, pretty much 95 South to H Hudson Pkwy, if I hit the G.W. bridge, I went to far right? Is there any construction and/or detours in the area? Thanks!
  3. Crusher

    Updated Studio pics

    Got my Faded Studio back from the luthier. Full set up and replaced the burstbuckers with a Seymour Duncan Jazz in the neck and JB in bridge..... Both of my Studio's together...... Headstock shot of both...white Studio has gold Grovers, faded has chrome Grovers...... Same pic. without the...
  4. Crusher

    LP's spotted at Guitarmaggedon

    Went by my local GC last night, it was the semi-final for contestants to enter Guitarmaggedon "King of Blues". 10 guys played and they were all very good. Most had Fender Strats, but one guy had a white LP Studio, appeared all stock. Another had a gorgeous plaintop Honeyburst Standard or...
  5. Crusher

    Another LP joins the ranks

    Here is my 4th. Les Paul - Studio in worn brown finish.....Looks much better in person..... I will be swapping the stock tuners for chrome Grovers soon.... With the pickguard and trim ring removed...I will also be swapping the stock pickups for a Seymour Duncan Jazz/JB set.... When I start...
  6. Crusher

    LP Wallpaper request

    Anyone have the ability and time to make a cool LP wallpaper and/or screensaver? I was thinking a collage of famous LP players and their LP's in action. Include all the heavy hitters, like Jimmy Page, Slash, Zakk, Randy Rhoads with his white Custom, Billy Gibbons, and a few others I can't...
  7. Crusher

    Bought another Les Paul

    I've been kicking myself for selling my EMG equipped wine red LP Studio for some time now. A good friend of mine has it, so I know it's in good hands and I can see it whenever I want :) Anyway, white is my favorite color, Les Pauls are my favorite guitars and I love EMG pickups, So why not...
  8. Crusher

    Learning Solo's

    Is it "normal" to take a week or longer to learn a solo? I'm not even talking up to speed either, just knowing all the notes and playing it somewhat decent?
  9. Crusher

    George Carlin's new rules for 2006

    New Rule: Stop giving me that pop-up ad for Classmates.com! There's a reason you don't talk to people for 25 years. Because you don't particularly like them! Besides, I already know what the captain of the football team is doing these days: mowing my lawn. New Rule: Don't eat anything that's...
  10. Crusher

    Let's talk about Cleaning

    The pics. of the polished Faded in the Sunburst lounge got me thinking.....how often do you guys polish your LP's? What do you use? Do you go all out and remove knobs, strings, etc. to get at every nook & cranny or just do a general area type thing? I use the Gibson pump polish and a...
  11. Crusher

    Installing EMG's

    Have an LP Studio on the way and I want to install the Zakk Wylde EMG set (81/85). They have quick connect fasteners so there should be no soldering involved. Anyone installed these? Anything to look out for? Are the instructions really good? Thanks!
  12. Crusher

    Help with getting better/timing

    Hey guys, Been playing about 4 years. Play mostly hard rock/metal. Played in a couple of original bands but never lasted more than 4 months. I had the opportunity to audition for an established Metal band over the weekend (CD about to be released, play 2 gigs per month). They told me which...
  13. Crusher

    Can't we all just get along?

    Here's my wall of doom......British & American halfstacks :)
  14. Crusher

    Quality time with my LP Standard

    Played for a couple of hours today, after which it was time for a good cleaning and string change...... Bath time.... Scrubbed the fretboard with a toothbrush, then conditioned with Lem-oil.... Pic. of the headstock, dings and all..... Pic. of the binding, there are a few cracks in it all...
  15. Crusher

    Omega Seamaster owners

    How does the low battery indicator work? Is it an audible alarm? Does something light up?