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  1. Gold Tone

    Jimmy Page playing an ES 335

    350T baby!! The Chuck Berry guitar! Killer!!
  2. Gold Tone

    Just announced by Gibson CS: Korina Explorer & Flying V!

    Can’t do the Explorer with seam, would bug me too much, rather go without. Shameful I know, but honest
  3. Gold Tone

    NGD Gibson 1961 Les Paul SG Custom Shop

    Totally awesome!!! Very nice, bet it plays beautifully I think Gibson should stop with the confusing model names though. Why not call these Custom Shop 60’s SG Stoptail Standards? It describes it with all the accurate 60’s specs plus the factory option stop tail Anyway, she’s a beaut!
  4. Gold Tone

    SG or V?

    Custom V, those are sooooooo cool
  5. Gold Tone

    54 custom or 56 goldtop RI, help?

    Read the OP post again Nothing changed. 54 Custom (Black Beauty) vs 56 Gold Top (standard) was the inquiry…20 years ago!
  6. Gold Tone

    Neck binding marks on SG + possible flat spots on frets?

    Flat spots on frets very common over a few years of play. Mostly do to chord playing, not from bending. Flat spots occur mostly and most quickly near the nut and less so as you move away from the nut. Bending moves string along fret, chording pushes down on the same spot on fret over, and over...
  7. Gold Tone

    SG Standard Limited Edition

    A lotta guys played SG’s Nice guitars
  8. Gold Tone

    CS reissue neck angles

    Do you have a shot of the guitar your asking about? Thanks for the set up specs.
  9. Gold Tone

    CS reissue neck angles

    As in the same thread you posted on the other forum, you won’t get a single meaningful answer without anyone knowing your string action and neck relief. You have several replies on the other forum already
  10. Gold Tone

    2019 Custom Shop 1959 1 Piece Top

    What is that fake burst? I at first thought it was an 80’s reissue
  11. Gold Tone

    Dropped my Firebird

    That is one seriously thick finish!
  12. Gold Tone

    How to rebuild fret nibs?

    Acetone works marvellously to bond the pieces together, melting them together really creating “one”. I must though HIGHLY recommend you follow the advice given by others here…if you’re not confidently working with good precision give this job to a pro. You WILL ruin your finish and binding if...