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    Les Paul Chinoise

    Today I played a Les Paul fake made in China. Carved maple flamed top AND back! While I could easily surmise its bogusness, I was quite chuffed by the quality of the build, and the overall decency of playability and sound.
  2. J

    Custom shop specs?

    Yowza- I'm looking at a 2003 LP 'Custom Shop' with a 'CSxxxxx' as a serial #. It's like an R7 with a white top with no pickguard. Anybody have the 411 on body density (swiss cheese? it seems pretty light) and tenon length? Thanx muchly, -jan
  3. J

    weight relieved Custom?

    Miley Cyrus in Glamour:
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    1969 LPC 3 pickups stock

    Played a 1969 LPC 3 pickups stock at local store- pretty f*cking snab. Used both an Orange 30 watt EL34 half stack and an old Fender Deluxe Reverb. Neck was thick, like 50s style. The middle position of these 3 pickup Gibsons sounds unique, in that both the bridge and middle pickups're blended...
  5. J

    Fender DRRI ailing!

    Hi all! After playing my DRRI a few minutes a slightly less than voice level buzz erupted. Turned off standby, turned it back on again and buzzing resumed. Constant buzzing, whether guitar was plugged in or not. Guitar audible, but at only 30% volume with a kind of ghosting distortion (think...
  6. J

    Marshall Supa Fuzz clone

    Just got a Marshall Supa Fuzz clone from a person that makes clones and sells them on ebay. Really liking it so far- it's basically a Tonebender MK II type that Marshall tweaked back in the late 60s. The MSF does sound different than the more common Sola Sound MK II types- a bit less gain and...
  7. J

    Roger Mayer Spitfire

    Just picked up one these- the rocket shaped kind. Sounds pretty great- a little more Tonebender than fuzz, and with a high gain-to-hair ratio. Turning down the gain sounds good (this's sometimes flabby and anemic on fuzzes), and controlling the volume and gain with the guitar's volume knob gives...
  8. J

    Madge is still LPing it...

  9. J

    LP mention in 'Bones' TV show

    In tonight's (09/10/2008) 'Bones' TV episode, a hired stalker sees someone with, in his opinion, a wildly inaccurate Led Zeppelin Live T-Shirt, in that the stenciled Jimmy Page's playing a Stratocaster instead of a Les Paul.
  10. J

    Les Paul Case from 1969

    Hello all- I've an opportunity to get a 1969 Les Paul case in OK shape for $250. (I've a '69 Deluxe from 1969). Whuddya think?
  11. J

    Hendrix at Fillmore West 02/04/1968

    http://concerts.wolfgangsvault.com/dt/jimi-hendrix-experience-concert/390-9960.html Is this the concert where Fender amps were used, soon to be replaced (momentarily) by Sunns?
  12. J

    Marshall DSL-201

    Recently I played a Marshall DSL-201, a 20 watt, 2 EL-84 1x12 combo from 2001. Two switchable channels (normal and overdrive), with spring reverb (not great). I'm usually not into master volume type amps, but this one got a pretty good Cream era Clapton sound. I might pick it up (<$400).
  13. J

    Must have book

    Just picked up 'The Early Years Of The Les Paul Legacy. 1915-1963', by Rob Laurence. Sunburst stuff aside, this tome is mandatory for the extensive coverage given to non sunburst LPs: All the different Golds, Customs, Specials and SGs. And they have separate sections on stuff like P90s and the...
  14. J

    ABR-1 bridge on '69 Deluxe

    Hello all- As previously posted, I was thinking of replacing the nylon bridge pieces with metal on my '69 Deluxe. Now I'm thinking of just dropping in a whole bridge with metal pieces, like the Gibson ABR-1. Would this be do-able? thanx, -jan
  15. J

    Nylon or metal bridge studs?

    Thinking of replacing nylon bridge studs with metal on my '69 Les Paul Deluxe. Any pros or cons? Thanx, -jan