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  1. JJC

    The Double-Diamond Les Paul!

    I don't think you need a Facebook account to see this, hopefully I'm not wrong: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151838301640718&set=pcb.10151838302540718&type=1&theater I hope they didn't pick any tone-turd diamonds for those humbucker covers.
  2. JJC

    This caught my eye

    Sorry if this has been posted before (I checked quickly), but I saw this slideshow and found it interesting - there are a couple bursts in the list as well as some other vintage Gibsons. They obviously didn't have a photo of Ace playing his burst (substituted one with his Norlin). Anyway, it...
  3. JJC

    Lerxst is gigging a new signature Axcess

    Lots of LP action last night including this black Axcess I'd never seen before: Yeah, the photo sucks. Sorry.
  4. JJC

    Forgive me if this has been asked before...

    ..but can someone tell me something about the first guitar on the left at the top of this page? I'm familiar with the African and Gladys, but I've been staring slack-jawed at this one for a couple years and finally had to ask.
  5. JJC

    I did the Mapleflame mod with a Nashville bridge

    I know it's been asked about before and there are options from Callaham and Faber that will replace the bushings with steel studs - but I took a different route. First I got the Nashville-ABR-1 conversion bushings from Guitarfetish.com ($11 shipped)- they're the same size as the stock bushings...
  6. JJC

    Need some advice on my latest LP project

    I'm in the process of rebuilding and refinishing this '84 factory reject LP that was band-sawed into 4 pieces. I'm in fluctuation regarding what to do about the Les Paul signature on the headstock - it was band-sawed before they applied that. Should I leave it alone and keep that as part of the...
  7. JJC

    My first refret

    I never really liked the low, wide, flat frets on my 76 Standard. So throwing caution to the wind, I decided to refret it myself. To add to the insanity, I thought I'd keep the nibs - yes, I know many will say "why?". I ordered a minimal number of tools from StewMac and chose Dan Erlewine's...
  8. JJC

    Newly acquired Custom - what to do?

    Hey everybody. Just got this early 70's custom off the bay a couple weeks ago and wanted some of your thoughts. It's got a lot of cosmetic issues, many of which I've fixed. First of all, the good news: the neck is straight, the truss rod works, the frets are original and in almost perfect...
  9. JJC

    A twisted neck miracle

    I have a 76 standard that I got many years ago and in the first few years I owned it, the thing developed a pretty badly twisted neck. Some people suggested it was a common problem with the 3-piece neck they were using on the Norlins and I guess I believed them. It was still playable but I found...
  10. JJC

    Paul Langlois of The Tragically Hip..

    ..played a few Les Pauls last night. A couple of deluxes, a white Studio, and a limited edition Classic Custom. Unfortunately every shot I took of him came out blurry or Gord moved in the way. And yes, I am photography challenged - especially as the night wore on. Last song with the cherry...
  11. JJC

    New 5E3 Build

    Just finished building this little guy. I decided not to attempt covering it and just finished it with a dark mahogany color. Yeah, I know - it's not a Tweed Deluxe if there's no tweed on it. The only problem with it was the typical one for this amp - the volume is pretty much all on at 3...
  12. JJC

    The Edge playing a Les Paul at the inauguration concert

    I've never seen this one before - I'm assuming it's a Gibson, but someone else may know for sure. It almost looked like it had a greenish tint to it.
  13. JJC

    My new GoldTop

    Well...not quite. I mentioned this in a previous thread and am now ready to post my own thread about it. (And I'm guessing it could be my last). Below is a photo of my '76 LP that I got in college 27 years ago. Being a 21-year-old idiot and being heavily influenced by many guitarists during...