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1980 Heritage Les Paul Elite Burst

El Gringo

Well-known member
Apr 8, 2015
It stunned me when I first saw it in Feb 1981. I don't think I've seen a more attractive top from this series, a real peekaboo.
I remember this series of instruments from when they first came out and I remember drooling at the one they had hanging up in my mom and pop shop 40 years ago . At that time the only figured bursts I seen were played by our guitar heroes ( Page ) then seeing a figured sunburst in person and up close was mind blowing to say the least . I do remember all to well the plain Jane 3 piece tops from the 70's that were not real bursts to me as all I knew as a kid was that it didn't look like Jimmy Page's .


New member
Nov 9, 2020
It stunned me when I first saw it in Feb 1981. I don't think I've seen a more attractive top from this series, a real peekaboo.
I absolutely love that vintage burst finish as well. I'm over the moon with mine. It sounds outstanding and I really like the low frets.


Active member
Jul 24, 2001
H80's are great guitars, and I can imagine you'd miss yours. After putting in Tim White's EdA's in my '81, I've A/B'ed mine against a bunch of R8's and R9's and just cannot fine one that is equal in tone, playability, and build quality. I'm sure all you Historic lovers think I'm nuts (and you may be right :) ), but I've been playing 36 years and have owned and played a lot of guitars in that time. There's something special about these guitars. :heritage :smokin
I bought mine in the late '80's and always found it to be a great guitar. I found the Shaw neck p/u to be perfect for my tastes, but the bridge was somewhat brittle. Swapped many p/u's over the years. The '59 Duncan and Shaw were tied for best neck position. The bridge sounded best with a hotter p/u such as the JB model, vintage Harmonic design or Duncan Custom. Oddly enough I expected an epiphany with Tim White's PAF model, but it was unremarkable. I also found it didn't sound better or worse than a few Historics I compared it to. Just different, but in a good way. I currently have one tone control wired as a "spin a split". The other tone is a master with an .00067 cap. The rolloff approaches a subtle cocked wah type of tone. Again, not everyone's taste, but it works for me. IMO, one of the best non historics to roll off the line.