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Another proof of the crap rubber lacquer Gibson uses...


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Mar 19, 2008
Ok, no problem. And sorry If I misunderstood your words.

Hard use, yes sometimes.
Careless, no.

Just like you, I never had this problem before.


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Nov 13, 2003
Thinking about this, you're the first person to post this issue, so I'd say this is probably an isolated case. I notice you have a Wine Red Norlin with those indestructible finishes... Anyway, I'd contact Gibson and see what they have to say...


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Feb 12, 2006
Like other posters, I think you are very fortunate to only have a chipped finish -- you could very easily have had an ugly headstock break!

If it never goes in the case, is leaned against a masonry wall, sitting on a stone floor, in a non-climate controlled environment, it's going to severely affect the finish.

My suggestion would be to go ahead and do a "makeover," if the chips bother you, and when it comes home this time, use your case or a good hanger.
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Aug 20, 2009
Like we needed another proof...

the following pictures are from my '11 R8. Purchased new in Jan/feb 2012.

I'm not the kind of player that babysits his guitars. I play them, sometimes hard, but I NEVER intentionally abuse them...

the wear at the edges is almost as much as on my 82 standard.

The big missing chunk of lacquer started with a ding on the edges, and the lacquer 'lifted' like a blister. If I had kept going, I probably could have removed all the lacquer with just my fingernails... :bigal

No heat or tools of any kind were used. the wear at the edges is honest playwear, I just feel like it happened a bit too soon and too much...

Enjoy the pics... :rolleyes:




I have a similar problem with my '06 R9 around the switch plate on the back...a little ding resulted in a piece of lacquer about the size of a dime peeling off, not chipping off. I also think it's an adhesion problem because it doesn't seem to be happening anywhere else.

Not complaining...just sayin'.


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Jul 17, 2001

im wondering
if in fact your R8 has really nice, thin, brittle nitro-ie little plasticisor

i have norlins -several-and the finish is thicker-

but i cant tell you how many older LP customs and others ive seen where the nitro flakes off, especially the pearl split diamond or on binding, or headstock edges wheres its had an impact -the stuff is like liquid glass-or more accurately-think of really really old photo negatives-it becomes really stiff and brittle

i have an 02 R8 CA and the finish is really thin-barely anything-im wearing through on the neck in some areas from wrapping my thumb-no flaking or cracking yet

and i have a lentz tele (read on for relevance)

lentz's nitro finish is very thin, perfect and so brittle its like glass fresh from the shop after having been entirely cured and gassed out-hair thick glass-

when i removed the control plate to get to a pot-simply shifting the metal plate , carefully, caused a few tiny chips in his otherwise god-perfect finish along the edge of the cavity

it might be the cases with yours too-it might simply be normal for good thin nitro which has cured and fully hardened

you should condsider an LP custom with binding on the back and front-
which was one of the purposes of edge binding-to take knocks and scrapes instead of the wood

folks forget that thin nitro, without plasticizer-is really brittle and easily damaged-bang it and you dont get simply a dent-you get a small broken 'windshield' ie crazing or cracking around the impact area too-

a reason some makers went to poly-which is liquid nails by comparison

sorry for your issue-personally i don think it looks bad at all
but like that broken head stock oic , i also cringe, (not as much), at the thought of any gutiar resting on stone-but thats me-like you , my stuff gets enough honest use that i protect it as much as i possibly can (cos it still gets wear

youve got a great looking guit-but a custom has binding on the place where youve got wear-the double front and BACK binding and cutaway would likely help you with some issues

Top Gun

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Mar 31, 2007
Tom Murphy recently re-did my Historic SG Standard. This is the finish he removed. He said he slightly heated the original finish and most of it just peeled away. And Gibson calls this Nitrocellulose Lacquer? Yeah, right…

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Feb 29, 2008
Mine has the same problem. I never associated it with anything other than hard wear and tear.