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  1. sgt_steiner

    WTB -- Peter Florance Pickups - Long Neck and Broadcaster Tele Pickups

    Hey All -- Need some Peter Florance pickups for a vintage restoration project. Looking for the Long Neck neck pickup and Broadcaster bridge, but I'm open to everything. Email is always fastest -- stampedandb@gmail.com Many thanks. R.I.P. Peter Florance. One helluva guy.
  2. sgt_steiner

    * Any veteran LPF members in Virginia Beach area? *

    Please Delete! No longer needed. Please Delete. Thanks.
  3. sgt_steiner

    * Nachocaster Blackguard Telecaster by Nacho Banos (Pic Heavy) *

    Hey All -- Wanted to share some eye candy of my Nachocaster "Abigail", which I don't think I've shared before on LPF. For those unfamiliar with Nacho Banos, he's considered one of the foremost experts on/students of Blackguard Teles in the world and his The Blackguard Book is considered the...
  4. sgt_steiner

    * Smokin' Vintage Original 1960 Blonde Gibson ES-330 from OK Guitars *

    Massive thanks to Charlie Gelber at OK Guitars for helping make my dream of owning a legit vintage blonde Gibson ES-330 a reality. If you're not familiar with Charile (or his killer ES-335.org website) he's largely considered the foremost authority on vintage Gibson hollows and...
  5. sgt_steiner

    * Good as it Gets? Rusty Anderson Pilot Run Gibson Memphis ES-335 *

    Hello my fellow Gibson lovers -- Now that Henry at Gibson has fired the incredible team of Rick Gembar, Pat Foley and Edwin Wilson, it appears the "Second Golden Age of Gibson" has come to an abrupt close. The guitars they crafted and managed to push through between 2014 and 2017 will become...
  6. sgt_steiner

    * How much lead wire needed for ES-335 Bridge Pickup? *

    Hey All - Title really says it all. Wondering what the minimum length of lead wire is for installing a used bridge pup in an ES-335. Any experienced wisdom greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance!
  7. sgt_steiner

    TonePros Single Line Button Tuners - will they fit real vintage ES-330?

    Hey All -- Want to replace the original Kluson single-line button tuners on my vintage '61 ES-330 with the better gear ratio (15:1) and more sensitive tuning of these TonePros replacements --...
  8. sgt_steiner

    * Best Pro Refret in LOS ANGELES for Vintage Gibson? *

    Hey All -- looking to have an early '60's Gibson 335 refretted and want to do it right. Who's the best here in L.A.? Anybody with firsthand experience? Cheers and many thanks in advance!
  9. sgt_steiner

    * 1968 SG Standard - Stoptail Conversion Question -- Distance for new posts?

    Hello All -- Have an old '68 SG Standard I want to convert from the stock Lyre tailpiece to a trusty stop tail. My question -- what are the proper measurements regarding where to drill the new posts for this type conversion? Many of today's SG Standards come directly from the factory with...
  10. sgt_steiner

    WTB - Signed/Aged Gibson Dickey Betts SG "One Brother To Another"

    Hey All - anybody have one of the signed/aged Betts SG's they're looking to move? Email for fastest response. Thanks! -- stampedtandb@gmail.com
  11. sgt_steiner

    * All-Original Gibson 1961 Les Paul SG w PAF's Dave Johnson Goldtop! *

    SOLD * All-Original Gibson 1961 Les Paul SG w PAF's Dave Johnson Goldtop * VIDEO An all-original 1961 SG / Les Paul formerly owned by renown 'Burst collector and LPF stalwart C. Daughtry with an incredible hand-relic'd Goldtop finish done by the world's most admired aging/refinish expert Dave...
  12. sgt_steiner

    * SICK TONE - Shanks CC#7 Les Paul + Red Jones Amps + Billy Yates

    Good friend and amp builder Billy Yates (The Outlaws) took my Shanks for a bit of a test-drive today. Check out some of the sick, sick goodness of a CC#7 plugged straight into his Red Jones Amps 18-watt head -- <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/wAa4MKKnyyA"...
  13. sgt_steiner

    * First New LP in Thirty Years -- CC#7 Shanks Les Paul *

    Hello All -- the Sgt. here. Recently, greatly inspired by a ton of forum members, I finally got my hands on a Collector's Choice #7 Shanks LP. My first Les Paul keeper since (are you sitting down?) 1986. Forum member Mwags made it possible by making me a totally righteous deal, and a week...
  14. sgt_steiner

    * New Joe Bonamassa CD - Killer Vintage Tones and Gear List! *

    Hey All -- Really enjoying the new Joe B. Like so many here, I'm a huge Joe B. fan and this album exceeded my expectations. There's plenty to like about this record. First and foremost for me are the hard grooving tunes with the "Tower of Power"-style horn section playing full throttle behind...
  15. sgt_steiner

    * Spectacular Goldtop 1961 Les Paul/SG with Smokin' P.A.F.'s *

    Hello All -- the Sgt. here. Some of you may remember this beauty from an older thread on LPF -- 1961 Gibson Les Paul/SG (refinished Gold by Dave Johnson) KILLER!!! - Les Paul Forum Previously owned by Val, he told me he discovered it on eBay with a crappy '70's walnut refin, bought it and...